Alternative Justice

What does a world without prisons and punishment look like? 
How can we seek tangible accountability from those who have harmed us?

Alternative Justice is an initiative that works towards building community-based anti-carceral strategies to respond to harm, abuse and conflict in India and the UK. We base our practice in community sustaining frameworks like restorative justice, transformative justice and community accountability that are rooted in an abolitionist praxis. We welcome collective learning and resource-sharing, and together imagine a world where survivors have access to multiple and varied community-based processes that support their healing, allow them to seek tangible accountability from those who act in harmful ways and, also, create conditions that cultivate real transformation in our communities. 

"We can’t do anything alone that’s worth it. Everything that is worthwhile is done with other people."
                                                                                                                                         - Mariame Kaba


a collective space where we will have the opportunity for skill-sharing and knowledge-building, and together explore anti-carceral practices around building alternative strategies to address harm in our communities. Those with a serious interest or some experience in exploring community-based anti-violence work using transformative justice and community accountability approaches to prevent or intervene in interpersonal harm and conflict are encouraged to apply.


become a COMMUNITY member

community members can be more closely involved with and contribute to the projects that we are currently working on at Alternative Justice, outside of a hierarchical work structure. In this model, you would have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other community members, contribute to and engage with projects that make the most sense to you, as well as propose your own ideas and take up tasks accordingly.