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Alternative Justice

Welcome to our website.
Wherever you are logging in from,
take a deep breath, exhale slowly
and notice how you feel in your body,
and how the world around you feels.

A little about us

We are a collective of practitioners working towards building anti-carceral strategies to respond to harm, abuse and conflict in India and the UK. We base our practice in community sustaining frameworks like restorative justice, transformative justice and community accountability that seek to create conditions that cultivate real transformation in our communities. Together, we imagine a world without prisons and punishment. A world where people on all sides of harm – those who have experienced harm, those who have caused harm as well as directly impacted community members – have access to multiple and varied community-based processes that support their healing, allow them to seek tangible accountability from those who act in harmful ways, or, support them in taking accountability for the harm they’ve caused.

What we offer

Learn: Spaces where we come together to read and learn more about restorative justice, transformative justice, community accountability and abolition and what these mean in our contexts. We share info on upcoming reading and discussion circles on our social media.

Practice: Moving from learning to acting through (i) hosting communities of practice and (ii) supporting others in building their skills. Register to attend our Community of Practice meetings here. You can also become a community member by filling this form. If you're an organisation/group working towards envisioning alternative responses and building accountable communities and need our help, fill this form.

Support: Supporting those who have experienced/are experiencing conflict, harm or abuse, those who have caused harm and want to move through an accountability process, and directly impacted community members. If you are in need of our support, write to us at and we will respond to you on priority


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