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Dee, Organiser

Dee is a queer, anti-violence organiser and researcher with a background in Gender Studies. They are interested in transformative justice and anti-violence work rooted in an abolitionist praxis and focused on building meaningful and accountable relationships within our communities. Dee initiated Alternative Justice in early 2020 with an aim to re-conceptualise justice as restorative and transformative, to critically analyze punitive and individualistic approaches to sexual harm, and to build alternative strategies to address violence in our communities that are independent of the criminal legal system and other punitive structures. 

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Nishma Jethwa, Organiser (she/they)

Nishma is a facilitator, educator and activist who has been organising across a variety of social justice issues for the last 10 years. She is originally from London with roots and community in Gujarat and Mumbai. For the past three years, Nishma has been working within movements to lead and support organisational and community development, build and deliver training curricula rooted in feminist and anti-oppression practice, and frame programs to advance gender justice, labour rights and feminist tech. She has a background in law with a specific interest in critically looking at punitive and individualistic approaches to harm, conflict and abuse. Nishma joined Alternative Justice as a co-organiser in conducting research and other experiments towards building alternative transformative strategies to address violence in our communities.

Kim, Organiser

Kim is a queer, disabled researcher, writer, organiser and educator based in Delhi. They have a background in education, monitoring and evaluation and development, and have been working to develop participatory, anti-carceral learning spaces that are rooted in a commitment to disability justice. They are also interested in organizing and community building against carceral technologies. They joined Alternative Justice as a co-organiser in 2022 with an aim to develop communities committed to transformative justice praxis.


past Collaborators

Bharathy Singaravel, independent culture reporter

Meenakshi Thirukode, Instituting Otherwise

Piyush Kumar, teaching and academic associate, Indian Institute of Mass Communication

Saumya Dadoo, feminist reacher, co-founder & editor DetSolNet

Sukanya Deb, writer

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